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    Reader 9 Japanese Font Pack missing repeatedly


      We deal with pdfs with Japanese characters frequently, and for several users, the Japanese Font Pack reports missing repeatedly.


      We are running Reader 9.3.2, with the Japanese Font Pack for Reader 9 installed for most users.


      The issue apparently first began after I installed the 9.3.1 patch. For several users, this apparently disabled the Japanese Font Pack. The Japanese Font Pack still reported installed in Add/Remove Programs, and a simple reinstall resolved the issue. It happened again for several users (some of the same, some different) when we went to 9.3.2.


      Now the most recent occurance of the missing Japanese Font Pack came without my having installed a Reader update. This particular user has had this issue the most frequently of any of the users here.


      Is it normal that the Japanese Font Pack stop working after an Adobe Reader patch?

      Is there a setting that can be adjusted to prevent it from being removed or disabled?