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    Drupal Multisite DW CS5 Server Settings

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      How do I go about setting up a Drupal site in Dreamweaver CS5? I can't seem to get the dynamically related files feature to work. It keeps saying that my server settings are incorect. All demos I can find are for Wordpress and even those dont go through the process of setting up the server settings in the first place.


      Lets say my site folder is located here: /x/y/drupal/sites/www.example.com


      Shouldn't that be my root folder?


      My page.tpl.php file is located in x/y/drupal/sites/www.example.com/themes/name/


      is that where the root should be pointing?


      Thanks for any clarification!

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          370H55V Level 4

          Isn't this a little like asking how to put a Dodge Hemi into a Ford Focus?


          If you're going to use Drupal, use Drupal and a simple html editor like BBEdit to write your code then get an FTP client luke Cute, but forget DW.


          If you're going to build a Dreamweaver site forget Drupal.

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            Wow, three plus days on this forum and this is the only "answer" I get? Is there a better forum for asking functional questions about Adobe products?Perhaps I should post over at the Car Talk forum? I'm having a hard time justifying $600 for an upgrade. The new CMS support in DW CS5 would almost be worth it, but not if it only works with a single site. Anyone with Adobe or otherwise test this product with a multisite installation of Drupal? DW is finding the related files, but wont let me edit them. Keeps claiming that I don't have a testing server setup which I do and that I don't have the CSS files locally, which I do. I'm sure a simple example of proper files paths would clear things up.

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              Apples and oranges.


              Asking Dreamweaver to make your Drupal site work is like going into Burger King and DEMANDING that they make you a Big Mac.


              If you've built a site with Drupal, why are you using anything else to edit it?


              If you WANT to be building it with Dreamweaver and have paid for DW, why are you still hanging onto open source software that may or may not be compatible, and apparently isn't?


              Also, since this is an Adobe forum and Adobe DOESN'T make or support Drupal, you're wasting your time here with this question.

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                sollostech Level 1

                This problem seems to be widespread. Adobe may need to provide better documentation or a bug fix on this issue. Since direct support for Drupal, WordPress and Joomla is a major feature of this release, the previous reply is incorrect, Adobe needs to address this issue.

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                  @elgerts, Agreed. I've just been considering Mac+Win=Me as a troll as his comments have been somewhat random and ill considered. Just in case someone takes his answers seriously...


                  Adobe has done very little with Dreamweaver CS5 other than to supposedly provide support for Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress and other CMS's. However, Adobe has provided no documentation indicating the proper way to set up a site for any of these CMS's. Lynda.com did a video on using some of the new features with Wordpress, however, even in that video there is no explanation on how to set up the site in the site manager. It has already been set up and there isn't even a cursory peek at the setup before the live edit features are demoed.


                  Many, many people are having similar issues. In fact, since Adobe released their product there has only been one person indicating success with a site setup and that is with a single site install of Wordpress, which is probably the simplest setup possible. If I were to follow those instructions for a multisite install of Drupal I would have a copy of every site in my sites directory for every site I was trying to manage. This is a problem.


                  Anyway, until Adobe (or someone else) documents their software, I wont be paying for an upgrade as it just makes no financial sense. I'm able to do almost everything with Coda, CSSEdit and Firebug at a total cost of less than $100, though now it would be $139. (It would be nice to reduce my set of tools, but not by moving to a company that seems to care so little about their customers).

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                    Considering that GlowsintheDark has been a member of these forums for just shy of eight years and has made all of eleven posts, all but three of which I can definitely say are to ask for help, or personally attack other members and bash Adobe software, and I can find no record at all of anything substantive which he has contributed back, which of us could be considered a "troll" by forum standards?


                    In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community,  such as an online discussion forum, chat  room or blog,  with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response[1] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.


                    I have been busy with a full time (and then some) class load and raising a kid while I maintain several websites for clients. That is why my posts have been sporadic lately.


                    I can tell you one thing. I've helped a lot more people here than you have for the amount of "stupid questions" I've asked.


                    I just got hold of the Lynda.com DW CS5 training series and it does mention the Drupal support, but doesn't go into it very heavily, because they have a separate series for Drupal and IT DOES go into how to integrate with DW CS5.


                    As I hinted before, perhaps you should be looking to Drupal for information on how to integrate it wit other software. It isn't Adobe's responsibility to provide training for open source CMS. They build the world's most widely used web design software and it does a pretty damned good job with CMS. Why tell people how to use "the other guy's stuff"? Know what I mean?

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                      GlowsintheDark Level 1



                      Sorry dude. I'm not going to bite.


                      Just in case someone takes the comment above about Lynda.com's videos demonstrating a Drupal install seriously...


                      Lynda.com's videos regarding DW CS5 are good and I recommend them for a visual introduction to the new features of DW. However, they do not show anything about integration with Drupal. All demos are with a single installation of WordPress, which is a considerably less complicated set up and CMS. I bring this up here so one doesn't pay to find this out later. The videos are certainly worth the money, but not if you are looking for answers re: Drupal multisite integration.

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                        I'm having the same problem. It was trivial to hook DW CS5 up with a Drupal site I have running on a remote server, and I'm impressed with the features. However, I haven't figured out how to get the preview pane working off my local development site. I think the problem may be that my local development environment is an Acquia stack, and the Acquia installer/importer keeps the site folders outside of the actual Apache installation. I don't know how they are hooking Apache and PHP through to the sites folder, probably some Windows equivalent of a symbolic link. Whatever it is doing seems to be beyond Dreamweaver's ken. Hoping some kind Adobe tech can help us out with that.


                        I haven't yet worried about multi-site, but if we're lucky, Adobe will come through on that front as well. I think it is great that Adobe is trying to meet the needs of webmasters who are making the jump from static to dynamic websites. There are lots of us out here, and lots of Drupalers who look down their noses at anyone who is reluctant to abandon everything we know and can do in Dreamweaver, and pick up a whole new set of tools.


                        I'm pulling for Adobe on this one, despite my lingering frustration/anxiety over losing Macromedia. Give us a tool that truly helps us make this giant leap! It's nice to be able to develop more easily on a remote site, but we need to be able to do the same on our local machines. It would also be really, really nice to be able to do command line stuff from a Dreamweaver interface. If Adobe were to take a look at the types of things we are being advised to do at Drupal.org, and make them easy to do without mastering Linux, we'd be faithful forever. If not, I'm guessing many of us won't bother with this upgrade. I've been upgrading Flash/Dreamweaver each time a new version comes out for nearly a decade, but CS4 was a disappointment, and I'm seriously considering giving CS5 a pass.

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                          It's simple: the Drupal support doesn't really exists except from some code hints... the huge file list, for example, which appears on the top bar is simply unuseful. Probably Adobe needed to add some feaures on DW in order to justify the CS5 version. But a real integration, useful for web developers simply doesn't exists. We will continue to use our classic editors which are miles better than DW for this type of web development.


                          my 2/c

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                            sollostech Level 1

                            Not sure what people keep insisting is not up to Adobe to rectify concerning these Dynamic sites features thought it is probably a moot point since the update I received today rectified my issues. If you haven't already, run the Adobe Updater and apply the new patch to improve Dreamweaver Dynamic sites.

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                              @elgerts, Thanks for the update. I'm glad it worked for you. Unfortunately, I haven't noticed any change. I'm still unable to edit templates for any page but the Home page in Drupal. As soon as I navigate to another page to edit its particular templates, the related files don't update. When I use the "Edit the Live View Page in a New Tab" button, it complains that the page doesn't exist, which of course it doesn't, it resides in a database. So basically, the only "new" functionality that DW CS5 provides for me is what CSSEdit already provides, live CSS editing.