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    Moving Illustrator the Right Way.


      I have a copy of Illustrator CS2 installed on one computer. I am using Windows XP on all my computers, they are laptops (Dells, Latitudes). I use that one quite frequently. My husband has it installed on his computer, too (he never uses it). I have 3 computers I use and now I want to install Illustrator CS2 on two of the three computers. I want to make sure I do it right so this is what I think is the right way to go about it and I am asking you to correct me if I am wrong.

      1. I think that I can have Illustrator CS2 installed on two computers at the same time.
      2. I think I have to have Illustrator CS2 deinstalled on my husband's computer first before I do anything else
      3. I deactivate Illustrator on my husband's computer first and then go into Control Panel and deinstall it
      4. Then I simply install Illustrator on my second laptop and that's all there is to it.


      Is there any catch or thing I have missed? Thank you for your help on this.---Fabienne