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    Can't install demo of Flash Catalyst CS5 after using Beta


      I'm about to start pulling my hair out, so hopefully you guys can help me out.


      I installed the Flash Catalyst beta about a month ago, and unfortunately never got around to using it.


      I downloaded the CS5 Production Premium trial last night and went to install that and it said it couldn't install Flash Catalyst CS5 because I had a pre-release version installed.


      So I backed out of the CS5 suite installer and attempted to run the uninstaller for the Flash Catalyst pre-release version from both the Flash Catalyst folder AND the utliities>>Adobe installers folder. Neither application would run, so I ran AppDelete to delete the application and its files.


      Apparently, that was not good enough, as the CS5 suite installer is still complaining that a prerelease version of Flash Catalyst is still installed and won't let me install the newer version.


      I have looked all over my system for Flash Catalyst related files to remove, but the CS5 installer still thinks the pre-release is installed.


      Help in resolving this issue would be much appreciated, and hopefully this is in the right forum.



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          mfvisuals Level 1

          To recap, my question is: what files do I need to delete in order to fully rid my system of the Flash Catalyst pre-release application?

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            Tara Jane Feener Level 3


            Have you tried running the CS5 cleanup script?

            It's located here: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/829/cpsid_82947.html

            Please try it and let me know if it fixes your problem.

            Or, have you tried reinstalling Catalyst and running the uninstaller again?

            If that doesn't work, try contacting Adobe customer support: https://www.adobe.com/support/contact/

            Sorry for the delayed response, the actual product engineering team replies on these forums and not a tech support group.

            Thanks, and please keep me posted.  I can try and loop in the right people if it persists after doing each of the above!


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              mfvisuals Level 1

              I fixed the problem, but not the way you might expect.


              I ended up downloading an installer from the Adobe website for ONLY Flash Catalyst CS5 (versus the CS5 Production Premium installer I have been trying over and over again). I ran that installer and it installed Flash Catalyst CS5 without any problems.


              I then went back and ran the CS5 Production Premium installer and of course it acknowledged that Flash Catalyst CS5 was already installed. I left Flash Catalyst CS5 unchecked and installed the rest of the Production Premium apps alongside it without any problems.


              Thanks for the response!!


              Michael Findlay

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                davidstong Level 1

                I've a similar problem- I had the demo version of Catalyst and when I installed CS5 Master Suite (Educational Site License) I got the "You already have a Prerelease version" dialog.  Didn't think anything of it till I eventually tried to use it and it was expired. We have 4 sets of numbers- none were accepted as valid. I uninstalled and re-installed the trial for another month, then had the same problem.  I just loaded my original first disk, and now, none of the four sets of numbers will allow me to proceed.  Installation and uninstalling are huge, time consuming operations; I can't afford either at this point. My work is getting done with Master Suite sans Catalyst. Suffice to say, Catalyst will remain unloaded. In the future, I'll avoid betas.