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    Premiere in Movie Credits

    Intercostal Level 1

      Are there any legal requirements Adobe/Premiere has as far as credits in a film? I believe I've seen an Avid logo at the end of a film. Maybe that was hardware related in some way, assuming Avid also makes hardware of some sort.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          That is a good question. I have the approved logos (other stipulations apply too) for DD and DTS, but have never looked into Adobe's credits. Not even sure where to suggest asking. Maybe someone here knows, or can furnish a link.


          I'll be interesting in seeing the replies on this one.


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            Intercostal Level 1

            That brings up another question. Are DD and DTS brought into play at rendering to disk time? The audio in my movie is either wav or the audio linked to mpeg files.


            Is there a Dolby or DTS option in Premiere or Encore( when rendering to disk)? I'm not quite that far in the process. The short film is done. I'm currently working on crediting the film. I took the time to learn Encore. The final step is rendering to disk in Encore(which I'm sure I will have questions about transcoding, etc...)

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              DD 5.1 SS Export is available from within PrPro via the Minnetonka Audio SurCode plug-in. If one does buy that (3 trial encodings are provided to test), do so from within PrPro, as there is an ~ US$50 cost saving for PrPro users vs the price from Minnetonka's Web site. Encore can use the resulting AC3 Audio files as the primary Audio stream (by the DVD-specs.), though you can only "preview" the Audio in Encore (fine in PrPro), in pass-through mode w/ 2-channel Audio only. The DD 5.1 SS will be perfect on the burned DVD/BD.


              Now, DTS also requires an encoder. The one from Minnetonka/SurCode is a stand-alone encoder. Also, DTS is NOT an allowed primary Audio stream, and can ONLY be used as a supplemental Audio stream. This is easily done with Encore, and the author will normally provide a Menu for the users to select the Audio stream desired, though this can be done via the Audio button on most set-top player's remote control.


              For the application of the Dolby Labs logo to a DVD, one must submit the DVD for prior approval by Dolby Labs. I do not recall DTS having that requirement, but might have just forgotten. The Minnetonka/SurCode DTS encoder comes with the logos, and also Audio to go with those, if desired.


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                Intercostal Level 1

                Thanks for that information, Bill.   I'll have to study up on DD and DTS for future projects.  I don't know that my movie would even benefit from surround sound. Wouldn't each track have to be geared for a specific speaker, work that would've had to been done in the production process as well as post-production?