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    Assistance with Query for Multiple Rows as XML mapping

    Mark Lindberg Level 2


      I am trying to use the Query for Multiple Rows service to populate a schema that is not 'Flat' in the repeating node.

      I have used this service successfully when all elements to be populated are at the same level.

      I hope someone can tell me how to enter the mappings in the XML Information panel of the service operation.


      I have tried 'ATTRIBS/appt_req', and various other formats I could think of for mapping to the proper element name, but I always get XML errors.


      ACTIVES is the root, and ACTIVE is the repeating node.

      ATTRIBS does not repeat within ACTIVE.


      I am including a sample of the schema I am trying to load, and I can get data into the ACTIVES/ACTIVE level, but I have not been able to address to the ACTIVES/ACTIVE/ATTRIBS elements


      I will also have to figure out how to deal with the KEYWORDS node at some point.


      Thank You



              <dflt_pcc_notes>This is a test for Template 01 v1.2</dflt_pcc_notes>
                <keyword>key 1 v1.2</keyword>
                <keyword>key 2 v1.2</keyword>
                <keyword>key 3 v1.2</keyword>