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    Quicktime working in Chrome, Firefox but not Safari

    Specialist Entertainment

      Hi People,


      I have just formed a DJ Page where DJs can send us their podcasts for us to promote.


      I created all of the pages to find out the music wasn't coming up. For a minute I thought I was going madd and something told me to try it in another browser. I tried in it Chrome and Firefox and they worked fine. Quicktime is an apple product so I dont understand why it is not working there.


      Can someone please held me, am I missing some form of Special Code.


      Here are the pages which work in Chrome or Firefox but doesnt play in Safari.






      http://www.specialist-events.com/music/promo_mixes/p/private_ryan/private-ryan_post_carniv al_relief_2010.php


      http://www.specialist-events.com/music/promo_mixes/c/crown_prince/crown-prince_supa_soca_1 3.php




      The rest of them works fine which I can't understand as I use the same coding for all of them and check and double check the links, loaded and reloaded the ftp.