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    New to Builder - Best workflow for graphics?

    Rusherific Level 1

      Having started with Flash just as a designer, and working my way into more and more AS over the years, I've pretty much hit the frustration wall developing flash in the Flash CS4 IDE and have decided to jump ship and try Flash Builder. My question is if I'm creating graphics in Illustrator and/or Flash CS4, I understand how to import them for use in Builder, but is there any way to preserve or at least find out their positioning as they were arranged in Flash CS4? In other words is there a workflow to go from designing an interface in Illustrator and having it ready for coding in Builder without having to basically start over and manually code the positioning of each button/element all over again when I add the objects as children?


      The only nice thing about the Flash CS4 IDE is being able to script for elements already placed on the stage visually. When I started reading about Flex/Flash Builder and their "visual editor" I thought it would be similar or even better. Then I discovered that (A) the whole process is based on another language entirely, MXML and (B) I would almost even be OK with learning MXML if it were implemented as I would have assumed - that it would be the other way around and Flex projects would be 90%  AS, with embedded MX here and there to implement the visual editor and whatever nifty UI components.


      So, I have no interest in MX, at least for the time being, until I learn more about coding-behind and any limitations because, as an AS coder, looking at examples of Flex projects that are mostly MX with in-line AS make me want to huddle in the corner and cry.


      Thanks for any help!

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          SpaghettiCoder Level 3

          Don't think it's 90% for laying out the elements.  I tend to quickly layout objects in mxml, then do all the logic in AS, addEventListeners etc..etc..


          you can create all your elements in AS if you want, and do addElement or what have you when you want it on the stage but it's archaic.


          Have you looked at Catalyst?

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            Rusherific Level 1

            Thanks Spaghetti, I guess my concern is that yes placing assets with AS is a pain, but most of what I do is heavy animation, transitions, effects, 3D, arrays and istantiation, etc. (in other words a lot more than just button logic). So I'm not inherently against MXML, but everything I've read so far about it leans more towards making more-or-less static pages that get navigated fowards and backwards through linearly. But I could be wrong - I would love to learn how to leverage MXML and Builder's visual design functions if it lets me use that as a no-strings-attached starting place for otherwise complex, entirely-AS Flash, but not if I have to use AS in-line, or if keeping the code separated causes any problems whatsoever (which I have heard of problems with, but I don't know if those are just peoples' errors, or if there are actual limitations with code-behind).


            I haven't looked closely at Catalyst, I figured it was just kind of what the Flash IDE should be for designers in the first place - will that allow me to start with pre-laid-out assets for scripting in Builder? That's really the only step, or bridge, I am looking for here, or need. I really just am hoping to use builder as a better environment for AS coding.