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    Help sending data from contact


      I am having a bit of problem sending data from my contact page to the email address specified. It might be that I do not have the email configured.  I need your help getting problem solved. Any help will be appreciated!

      I receive email that is sent to me from other location i.e. if someone sends an email to my address. When testing from my site the email does not show as receive in my box. My concern is, if someone is at my site and want to send me an email from there I will not receive it.

      I have tried from my program in Dreamweaver CS4 in the form area several options: In the Actions field I have typed, webmail.php, mail.php etc! The method field: I hve "Post" When I run test it always give a message. File not found: “Firefox can't find the file at /C: /Users/……../Documents/……../webmail.php.”

      Please help!