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    Product downloads will not work


      Just bought download version of Acrobat 9 and CS5 Contribute (order #AD003058752) and have had zero luck downloading them from 3 different computers. Tried Mac OSX box with both Safari and Firefox and get nothing but invalid file errors from the download manager app. Tried a PC with IE8 and get all the way to the download manager box then get "The server returned an error. Would you like to retry?" message. This does NOT seem to be an isolated problem judging by the other posts on this board.


      Got any direct download links for the products I just bought and now can't access?

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          KarenStore Adobe Employee


          The error you are seeing is most likely a network or proxy server error.


          Try this out and let us know if that helps. 






          ISSUE: "Server not found" or network error when downloading from the Adobe Store.
            Proxy stripping in some networks (server error message)
          When the customer clicks on their link to download a purchase from the Adobe Store, they see a network connection error. Their web browser may return an error message that says,

          ·         “Cannot connect to server.”

          ·         “Network error. Cannot download”

          ·         "server not found"

          ·         "DNS error"

          Reason/Root Cause:  This is either due to a network outage or the proxy server the user is connecting through to the Internet is stripping off necessary information from the URL request.




          There may be a network outage or network issue preventing you from connecting to the download server to download the file.  After large launches there may also be high traffic conditions that may impact network connections in your area.  In this case, the user can:

          • Try the download again later
          • Try the download when connected      to the internet via a different network ISP


          Or, you may have a network connection issue preventing them from connecting to download server.  For example, their proxy server may be stripping off needed information from the URL request.

          • To check, have the      user see if they are using a proxy server for their LAN

          ·         Internet Explorer

          ·         Select Internet Options

          ·         Select Connections

          ·         Select LAN Settings

          ·         Check to see if Proxy Server > Use a proxy server setting for you LAN is selected

          ·         Firefox

          ·         Select Options

          ·         Select Advanced Tab

          ·         Select Network

          ·         Select Connections > Settings

          ·         Check to see if anything other than No proxy is selected

          ·         Safari

          ·         Launch Safari. If you can't find it, look in the Applications folder of your Macintosh.

          ·         Open Safari's Preferences window by selecting it's Preferences... menu item.

          ·         Click on the Advanced icon in the window that has just opened

          ·         Click on the Change Settings... button towards the bottom of the window. This will launch the System Preferences program (you might see its icon bouncing in the dock, which is okay). Then, it will select the Proxies section of the Network panel for the network connection that is currently active.

          ·         Check to see if the Web proxy (http) setting is checked


          If the user is using a proxy server, they should try downloading from another internet connection that does not use the same proxy server.

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            NTLSC Level 1

            No proxy server in ny network. Plus, I'm connecting all the way to the

            download mgr, that's when I get the errors.

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              NTLSC Level 1

              Got it working on the 3rd computer I tried after going home. Laptops with Win7 and VIsta gave nothing but  "The server returned an error. Would you like to retry?"messages. Finally got the downloads started on my Mac mini, but it'll be several hours before I can declare success though.


              Thanks for your help and I'll come back and update this thread one way or the other.