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    Create an Email

    Bob-Snow Level 1

      I created a page in Fireworks with rollovers and swap behaviors.  Now I want to be able to export the page, but send it as an email.  When it is exported I save it as a .htm.  But then I also have all the .gif files that are created on the export.  Is there a way to do what I am talking about without creating a link that will open the email?


      I would like to send the page I am exporting as my email, not a link or an attachment to the email but as the actual email.  I hope I am asking this the right way and explaining myself properly.



      Thanks in advance for any help.



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          pixlor Level 4

          Sorry, no, but what you have is unlikely to work at all.


          Email clients have very limited capabilities and they do not run JavaScript (which is what makes the rollovers work). When you want to send HTML you have to be careful to create a very straightforward HTML-only design. Tables are best. Fireworks is not the best application to use to develop HTML email.


          Check out CampaignMonitor (http://www.campaignmonitor.com/) and MailChimp (http://www.mailchimp.com/), especially for their tips and tutorials.

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            JoeDaSilva Level 4

            There's so much that goes into engineering a successful HTML email campaign it's crazy. If you thought it was tough designing HTML that works on four or five popular browsers there's more than twice as many email applications/websites out there that all have different rules. MS Outlook 2007 and GMail are two of the strictest. Two of the most common problems are padding and background images, which should be avoided completely.


            Once you sort out all of the HTML design problems then you have to worry about your SPAM score (number of images, amount of text, use of certain black-listed words). After that you have to check to make sure you're not breaking any federal law! Did you include an opt-out option (required by US Federal law), did you include the phyiscal busness street address (also required by federal law)?


            For the technical things this chart here from the website Pixlor recommended is awesome, it shows what you can get away with across the various email programs:




            Good luck!

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              Bob-Snow Level 1

              Thank you so much for your help.  I didn't realize it might be so complicated.


              I will check out the sites you recommended and see where to go from there.


              Thanks again!