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    A Root folder question from a new user of Dreamweaver

    AZ Desert Mac User



      I recently purchased Dreamweaver CS4. I have been using lynda.com training videos and some from Adobe TV. Since I am very literal, I may be confusing myself as I listen and watch these videos.


      My question is this: where do I store my web site folders?  This is what I think I should do. 1) set up a "master folder" for all Dreamweaver web sites. 2) As I develop an individual web site, I create its own root folder and store it in my "master folder". This "master folder" over time will then contain all of the root folders for my many web sites.  Also, if I import a web site that some one else created in Dreamweaver, I will store that in my "master folder." Do I have that right?  Thanks for your help and understanding!