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    Flashbuilder4 with GAE thoughts

    ProjectedSurplus Level 1

      I want to build a highly scalable "facebook for business" and after much testing am pretty set on FlashBuilder4 (Flex) with Google App Engine (GAE).


      What are the thoughts on the need/advisability of also using Spring/Cairngorm/etc frameworks? (Frankly I don't have extensive experience coding, however feel the "MVC utopia" universally aspired to becomes convoluting when duplicating between front and back ends as envisioned above  -- i.e. Flex/ActionScript and GAE/Java respectively).


      Also, I am leaning toward GraniteDS (i.e. to facilitate AMF) rather than LiveCycle et al -- though I am quite enamored with the "data wizards" in FB4 which may make prototyping at least better in a completely Adobe environment ????


      Thanks for any feed back/thoughts