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    serial number for upgraded PM 6.5 plus

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      I have been using pagemaker since 4.0 . i purchased 5.0 (long time ago) and then bought the upgrade to 6.5 plus (again, long time ago). I bought the upgrade to InDesign CS5 based on the fact that I have 6.5 and was eligible. It seems that my serial number doesn't work with the upgrade. When I questioned this - customer service tells me that my serial number is for 5.0. I have been using 6.5 for many years apparently using the 5.0 serial #. I found the books and papers for 6.5 and the only other number I can find is a product purchase number. I was hoping some of you long time pagemaker users might remember if there is actually a different serial number for the upgrade 6.5 or did it just continue to use the 5.0 after entering this product purchase number. I have every other number besides a serial number for 6.5 and it won't let me do the upgrade as it doesn't recognize it when installing. Thanks for any help you can offer.