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    Colors, kerning, and contact


      Hi I just have a couple questions/concerns.


      1) My colors are different when I use catalyst (See http://www.meganarcher.net/pages/home.html (flash), and http://www.meganarcher.net/pages/gallery.html (flash catalyst) for background changes.) I can't recreate the the gradient in flash catalyst because it doesn't allow for radial. Is there anything I can do to make them the same? I think I imported this background from illustrator... maybe I should play around in there.


      2) Will kerning or overall better spacing be added soon? Between those two pages you will notice a difference in the side navigation letter spacing.


      3) Is there a way to create a contact form?


      Oh and one more: When I publish, it is always saved as Main, then I have to change the name of both html and swf, and I have to go into the code of the html and change everywhere where it says Main to the new name for it to work. Eventually will we be able to "save as" when we publish to make this automatic?




      Ohhhh and one more, sorry. When you duplicate a state, objects in them are considered the same, and you can create transitions between changes (like move, change shape) and can change an object on one page and apply it to all pages. If I happen to have all the pages I need, but copy and paste the object, they are not connected as being the same object. Is there a way to connect them? Like right now I have to go through and change every individual button.


      Thank you for your help in advance.