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    CS5: CS Live


      There has to be a way to disable the "CS Live" toolbar menu in Illustrator. Doesn't there?


      There is an option in Photoshop: it's in the Preferences menu, under "Plugins". No such option in Illy.


      I might have had a use for this feature—I'm not dead set against it. But as it happens I don't have a use for it, and I don't want it cluttering up my workspace, in its attention-grabbing way. It's noise that doesn't help either the eye or the brain.


      Please Adobe add an option (or even a registry patch) that allows this feature to be turned off.


      Anyway, shouldn't CS Live have been an optional component in the CS5 install? Maybe I can doctor the xmls. (But we shouldn't have to, should we.)

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          Skullmaker Level 3

          Adobe doe not care to provide patches or updates. Maybe that is why very few people have CS5. Adobe did not fix CS3 or CS4, I do not think Adobe will fix CS5. But Adobe will be happy to sell you CS6.

          Please let us know what other bugs do you encounter, because I do not want to buy CS5 if contains critical or irritating bugs. That is the reason I did not buy CS4. Thank you!

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

            Skullmaker CS 5 came out yesterday.


            And it looks like a lot of people have purchased it.


            If you visit the Windows forum there are a number of users who have issues with installing on Windows 7 but it does have something to with a bad install of a Windows 7 component. It is interesting though that there are some bugs that have popped up, I was hoping to hear from you before anyone else.


            And on this version there is a bug that really has to be fixed and if they do not do that then they do stink, I do on this version expect a dot release to at least fix this bug.

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              Skullmaker Level 3



              Adobe did not fix its installers for CS3 nor CS4, Adobe did not fix any officially known bugs for CS3 nor CS4. Do you think Adobe will care to fix anything? We have proven that Adobe does not fix its faulty software.


              You can report a bug, you can ask for future features, but Adobe does not listen. It is a fact. No update or patches for over 4 years (fact).


              If you know that the installers came with a bug, and Adobe once again wont fix them, why waste your money.


              The new CS5 have few nice new features, but not enough to say is a big difference between CS3 or CS4. Plus you have to deal with new bugs (like Transferring Mesh art to Photoshop).


              So why you have not buy CS5 yet? If you going to recommend people to buy it, you should be the first one to buy it.

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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                Actually the 13.0.1 update did address i think five or six bugs that may not of affected you but did to other users



                Adobe Illustrator CS3 13.0.1 update - English

                The Adobe® Illustrator® CS3 13.0.1 update, which is recommended for all Illustrator CS3 users, addresses issues related to overall performance and reliability in several key areas, including fixes for LiveColor, PSD file import, Chinese IME, printing, graphic styles, color management, transparency, and Live Effects.

                And then 13.0.2 corrected some other issues important to many users

                Adobe Illustrator CS3 13.0.2 update - English

                Illustrator 13.0.2, which is recommended for all Illustrator CS3 users, addresses issues related to importing native Freehand files into Illustrator. This includes fixes for retaining certain gradients on fills, some raster effects, as well as additional support for importing of text styles.


                Yes all is not perfect but then what is… as you know you do not have to use Illustrator or Adobe applications no says you have to which is why it is hard to understand your stance on this why you are on this crusade chasing windmills!


                I bet you don't know yourself.


                So the idea that Adobe does not issue updates is quite wrong they do when it is really necessary to do so.


                most of the bugs that have reported on this forum have proven to be user issues and not anything wrong with Illustrator and if you notice when it is reported and it is a bug I will lend my support to have it fixed.


                CS 5 is very good from what I can see and the most important thing is, it is64 bit and the performance on a 64 bit system is excellent.


                This is from the photoshop performance preference see if you note the advance that is made and what this might also mean for Illustrator.


                Screen shot 2010-05-03 at 11.27.17 AM.png

                Notice the amount of memory that Adobe applications can now use in case this does not translate well for you that is 11.6 GB of RA being allocated to PS. If I add more RAM it will add more RAM or I can turn the percentage down freeing more RAM for Illustrator.


                So now it becomes feasible to put 64 GB-128 GB of Memory in a computer and run with the wind with the new graphic cards Nvidia is working on
                it will a whole new ball game.


                So all you are doing now is pissing into the wind.






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                  Skullmaker Level 3



                  What a lier you are. In many post your self have posted of several bugs on CS4. CS3 have tones of bugs and NO UPDATES (FACT). CS4 NO UPDATES (FACT). Stop telling people lies.


                  How come you have not wasted your money by buying CS5? Do not tell people is good when you are no wasting a single dime in CS5.


                  Where is the CS4 Update? WHERE?

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                    Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                    Skull maker the next time you write such an abusive post I will make a complaint.


                    You get something straight there are two updates for CS 3 clearly posted on the Adobe website fro anyone to download and install
                    and for the Japanese version there is clearly three updates.


                    here see for yourself and anyone else that thinks this is not true cn also check it out



                    As far as CS 5 goes thei is a screen shot of my desktop as I launch CS 5.


                    Screen shot 2010-05-03 at 3.40.09 PM.png


                    I own two licenses for the CS 5 Master Collection a download version and
                    I have another one being shipped.


                    so you might want to apologize for being so terribly wrong.

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                      Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                      I want anyone that reads Skullmakers posting that he does not own a license for Illustrator CS 4 and has no issues with since he does not own a license.


                      His complaint for an update is totally hollow!

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                        Skullmaker Level 3

                        Let me help you with your faulty memory:


                        CS4 Color not consistent: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/568439?tstart=0

                        Wade_Zimmerman wrote:


                        I really do not know why this is happening in my opinion it is a bug.


                        But wait! there is a lot more:


                        Thuth wrote:



                        You can't be serious. You can't justify a bug with an error message and limited functionality that is PART OF THE SAME BUG. Calm down, buddy.



                        CS4 Memory Bug:














                        Lambert Walsh, VP, Technical Services of Adobe wrote:

                        Adobe is committed to providing the most advanced, innovative products and services in the world. Recently, however, our customers have experienced a level of service that is inconsistent with what they expect and deserve. This is unacceptable and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. We are working diligently to resolve these issues. Click here for a letter from Lambert Walsh, VP, Technical Services.


                        CS4 Alignment of Clipping mask broken



                        I just recently switched from CS3 to CS4 and I'm incredibly disappointed



                        Snap to grid not accurate:



                        Last, what you call CS4 update is nothing but a little filter that aloud you to use CS3 (old version) crop marks. BUT the problem is:

                        After switching to the Illustrator CS3 Crop Marks filter (following the steps noted above), the Illustrator CS4 Crop Marks effect will not be available. Opening any Illustrator CS4 files that contain objects with the Crop Marks effect created using the Illustrator CS4 Crop Marks effect will require expanding the object to proceed with further editing. This is a standard Illustrator behavior when a plug-in is missing.



                        All these bugs and more, and no respond from Adobe:

                        In conclusion NO CS4 UPDATE!


                        Last update for CS3: 9/6/2007 bugs on CS3: Why I should upgrade to CS4? http://forums.adobe.com/thread/317815


                        and NO UPDATES

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                          Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                          No one says you should upgrade as a matter of fact i think I have already suggested that you change to Corel Draw or Canvas.


                          This might be a better software for you and I believe there are several other software you can consider as well some free.


                          So you have no argument from me I don't think you should upgrade you've made a strong argument why you Hans should not upgrade for everyone else CS 5 might work for them might not.


                          So wait for CS 6 or perhaps CS 7 there are users here that are still using version 10 and contribute a lot to helping other users.


                          No one is forcing anyone to upgrade or pressuring them to do anything this is all in your mind I am afraid.