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    (Hanlin V3),


      I am a digital reader device user for a year and I bought an e-book from an online bookstore in Turkey (idefix.com). I could install
      Adobe Digital Editions and downloaded the e-book to it without any problem. Then I wanted to transfer this book to my digital reade
      r, but Adobe Digital Editions failed to detect it although I tried to connect it several times. We tried to find a solution with Sye
      d A Hassan from Adobe's Online Chat Service, however we could not, and he recommended me to log a technical webcase.


      The device that I try to use is one of the digital readers supported by this software (Hanlin V3), which is commercialized as Walkbo
      ok in Turkey.


      I would be glad to receive your reply, to be able to use Adobe Digital Editions service in an efficient way.






      First of all, the device that you use matters. The problem can only be solved by a firmware upgrade that you can download from Jinke
      's official website.




      The firmware upgrade necessary for using the device with Adobe Digital Editions is: "V3update Hanlin V2.10 2009-08-03"


      and the link where this update can be downloaded: http://www.jinke.com.cn/Compagesql/English/service/update.asp




      Instructions about firmware upgrade are given on http://www.jinke.com.cn/Compagesql/English/service/faq.asp#updatev3

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