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    problems with MCL holder

    micgamb Level 1
      I hope I can express at the best my 2 problems because it is not so simple:

      1) I have created a Flash site where buttons import, inside Holder Movieclips, an external swf.
      the code is:

      var mcl:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader ();
      var mclL:Object = new Object ();

      mclL.onLoadProgress = function (target,loaded,total) {
      loader.percent.text = Math.round ((loaded/total) * 100) +"%";

      mclL.onLoadInit = function () {
      loader._visible = false;
      loader.percent.text ="";



      mcl.loadClip("minimovie_creativ.swf", holder1);

      cr3ativo.onRelease = function () {
      loader._visible = true
      mcl.loadClip("minimovie_creativ.swf", holder1);

      fashion.onRelease = function () {
      loader2._visible = true
      mcl.loadClip("books.swf", holder3);



      this work fine but when the site it is being open for the first time the swf starts play without being triggered by the button, after that everything works. All the keyframes (button, action, button) are in the same position so I though that if I move the Holder Keyframe forward it would work but, when played, nothing happen and when I take it right back it begins to work again. What do i have to do to??

      "2) I would like to add another Holder MovieClip controlled by another set of Actions but Flash plays them all together. I have figured that if I solve the problem number 1 maybe this one will be solve as well.
      thank you so so much this forum it is very helpful