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    Trial Premiere Elements 8.0;  can't create new project


      Dear all,


      I just downloaded the trial of Premiere Elements 8.0 (Dutch language).

      The install went fine but when trying to start a new project the loading of the application it seems to halt on loading Windows Media.


      During the loading of the application I see a lot of notifications regarding the loading of various dll's but when the notification of "Loading Windows Media" appears AND disappears nothing happens.

      I can then click the button "Nieuw Project" (New Project in English) again and everything starts from the beginning.


      I can start the first option (in Dutch it's called "Indelen", in English it's "Organizer").

      When I import a mod-file and use the option "Edit with Premiere Elements", the same thing happens.

      It stalls on loading Windows Media.


      My winxp is fully updated so what could be the problem here??


      I hope someone can help me out.



      With kind regards,

      Jeroen van Broekhoven

      Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Ensure that you not only have Windows updated but that you even have the non-critical updates, which you may have to manually download from the Windows Update site.


          Also, ensure you have the latest version of Quicktime from Apple.


          And make sure you have installed the patch for Premiere Elements 8. You can update this program by going to almost any Adobe program (even Acrobat Reader) and, at the Help menu, selecting Check for Updates. The Updater will find updates for all of your Adobe products and should automatically install the version 8.01 patch.


          You don't say which version of Windows you have or how powerful your system is but, assuming you have enough power and free hard drive space to run this program, some people have also had issues with the 64-bit version of Windows 7.