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    Question Regarding Trial


      I would like to trial Premiere Elements with my new Canon Legria HF20 Camera. I recall reading some where that the trial version of Premiere Elements doesn't support AVCHD but the full version does. I would appreciate it if someone could cofirm whether this is correct.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The trial version is fully functional, except that it puts a logo watermark on any rendered files. (This watermark can be removed after you purchase the program.)


          You are wise to try before you buy with AVCHD video, Casho! People experience a wide variety of performance levels with AVCHD video, and it's a very good idea to see if you are happy with the ability of version 8 to handle it on your system.

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            Casho03 Level 1

            Thanks for that information. It seems that AVCHD video can be a real challenge when it comes to editing. What I have tried so far:

            - Windows Live Movie Maker - Doesn't support PAL output (which is unbelievable) and has limited functionality.

            - iMovie (on my Mac) - Strange clitch specific to the PAL version of the video camera, whereby progressive content is identified as interlaced and interlaced content is identified as progressive. which causes many problems. Also, enourmous file sizes due to need for mts files to be converted to AIC (i.e. Apple Intermediate Codec).

            - Included Pixela ImageMixer 3 - Limited functionality and terrible interface.


            I am hoping that Premiere Elements might be the answer. Do you know whether the mts files will be edited natively or does Premiere Elements convert the footage to an intermediate codec (like iMovie).


            If Premiere Elements doesn't work out, the next thing I am going to try is Sony Vegas. Does anyone else have any other ideas?


            Thanks again.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Premiere Elements, like virtually all PC-based video editors (including Vegas,) edits AVCHD natively. Which is why it is such a drain on most systems.


              If it's too much for your system, the FAQs to the right of our forum list some programs for converting AVCHD to much easier to edit HDV.