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    Text moves with bookmark creation

    PankChat Level 1

      Hello all,


      I am struggling with one of the bookmark issue.


      I am creating bookmarks with help of script and all goes well until we found a case where any box item appears on top of page along with subsequent section heading. As soon a bookmark is created in section heading (INTERACCIONES DEL.......... case here) the text of section heading moves downwards marginally (0.5mm or may less) forcing the last line text to move to next column and page. I've noticed that reducing textwrap on "box" frame (above heading)  does the trick (or there are other ways to get the thing correctly manually) but my problem is that we need to create 100s of pdfs with bookmarks/hyperlinks ASAP and I don't think we can afford looking at each page of each file and correcting them manually. Typical yes!!!!!


      Apart from this I've noticed that sometime text in other frames like for tables, figures get overset after running the bookmark and hyperlink scripts. Is it anything related with my script or can anybody throw some light or give a clue in this regard.


      Have anybody encountered such issue?

      Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.