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    File Format Not Supported: MOV

    kas8 Level 1


      I just wanted to start following some tutorials, but when I open the project file, I need to locate the media file. No problems here.

      But when I select the MOV file which is needed, and press SELECT , i get this message: File Format Not Supported.

      The file Im using is a regular QuickTime MOV File. However, when I use GSpot to determine the codec, it says its the dvc codec [DV].

      Im using Adobe Premier Pro CS4, with all latest updates.


      Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

      Note: I am able to play this file, as I do have QuickTime installed.


      PS: im using Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit.


      EDIT: I tried playing it with GOM Player but that didnt work. Quicktime somehow cant be started :S