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    Make a Flash animation play only when it scrolls into view


      I am designing a very long page. There will be a flash animation at the bottom of the page. I want this animation to play only when the user scrolls down and this flash object comes into view. How do I do this? I am quite familiar with flash and actionscript, so I just need some pointers.


      I have seen that this is already being used for advertisements. If you visit www.amazon.com, there are ads that appear far below on the page. These ads play only when you scroll down and the ad appears within the browser window. This happens on many other sites as well.


      Many popular sites also use something like this. On CNN, try opening a new tab that loads a flash video. The video begins to play only when you actually go to that tab. Until you open the tab and the contents become visible in your browser window, the video doesn't start. How is this done?


      Thanks in advance,