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    More newbie RH questions.


      I am trying to determine if RH is the product I need ( I think it is).

      First, I have watched the four-part webinar from RJ Jacquez, and have been reading as much on the various RH pages as I can find, so I am becoming more familiar with how RH works.


      I would like to know the following:


      1) When you finish a RoboHelp project, and create flash help, does that create a standalone file that can be emailed to another individual and used? or does it require something more to be views/used.


      2) Can you create a folder of RH files that can be read using someone's browser? I looked at Rick's (CaptiV8r) downloadable sample, but he indicated the  need for ebook software to finish it.


      I am guessing that if you output a RH project as html, it could be used either on a website or locally. Maybe I'm just confused about the difference between an html project and a flash help project.


      3) Many of the people I work with use MS Word, and are not likely to switch to FrameMaker. Is the mapping funcitonality from Word to RH anywhere near as useful as the FM to RH example I saw? I understand that the programs are not going to 'talk' to each other with the same degree of ease, but is there any interoperability?