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    Exporting as MPEG2 DVD or MPEG2 Blu-ray makes my clips shorter!?





      Firstly - I am shooting footage on a Panasonic HDC-HS300 using the 1080i 25 default setting, and importing the AVCHD file as such into Premiere Pro CS4 v.4.2.1.


      My aim is to get the best image quality results possible using a workflow where I take the raw AVCHD footage (possibly converted to AVI first) into Premiere Pro, Dynamic Linking to After Effects for color correction etc, and Dynamic Linking back to Premiere Pro for final export/render in several different formats for several different purposes.


      Anyway - Here's the problem:

      I have been playing with different ways to do this (for MANY hours), and have found that whenever I attempt to export/render out from Premiere Pro with Adobe Media Encoder using either the MPEG2 DVD or MPEG2 Blu-ray (both using the default HDTV 1080i 25 settings), I end up with clips that are shorter than the original clips! For example, I have been editing a clip that was originally 56 seconds long, but after the export/render it is only 48 seconds long.

      To make things even stranger, the accompanying audio file that is rendered out along side the MPEG video file not shortened and comes out as 56 seconds long, as it is supposed to be.



      Someone please help....?








      P.S. If I were to convert the AVCHD to an AVI format, which would be the best applications and formats to do so?