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    Really freaked out by this problem :(


      Hi, if anyone knows what I'm on about then I really need your help!


      I don't really know how  to describe it - I might need to take a screen pic of it for you tomorrow


      This is still my first site I'm trying to build....and it was going well!! But now nothings working consistantly......


      Basically all my linke to images and other pages ( about.htm etc.)  have turned into gobbledygook


      When I go to double check/edit/change the link to the file , what's there instead of the file place are a load of chinese characters, numbers or inaccurate file destinations. And when you change it to the correct file place it just goes back to different chinese characters/ non-existing file places again.


      This wasn't a problem before. I even uploaded what I had to the website and it was working properly online then.


      I did make a copy of some pages, which I then deleated incase that mucked things up, but I cant get things back to how they were now.


      Can anyone help me with this problem? :s