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    Black levels in export


        Despite my attempts, I cannot get clean black levels in my exports.

      The color being represented is pure black, so monitor calibration can't be the answer.

      I've tried many settings with mpeg, avi, divx etc. I've attempted 8, 16, and 32 bit color settings, preserving RGB and working in an sRGB color space; none of these have given results.

      The only time my export shows true black is if it's exported as a lossless avi, which is so big almost nothing will play it.


      Watching local commercials and programming, what always stand out as the hallmark of amateur work are poor audio mixing, and poor black levels.


      Any thoughts?


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          yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

          Are you by any change looking at your rendered files in Quicktime ?


          What version of AE ? Are you on a Mac or PC ? What version of the OS ? Can you procide us a sample file showing the gray blacks ?


          Also, what are the codec of your imported footage ? Do you see them black inside AE and only grayish after export ?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            The color being represented is pure black, so monitor calibration can't be the answer.


            Why not? You are making a mess of your Gamma values and the differences you see are at least in part a result of missing calibration as well as some formats being Gamma tagged and others not. This extends to both imported footage and its interpretation as well as output. That aside, for broadcast at SD resolutions there is no pure black - the old rules of broadcast safe colors still apply and usualyl that means the you only get a dark grey. On top of it, many CoDecs stil lassume these limited ranges and will equally compress the color range to fall within these specs. So in summary, the behavior could be perfectly correct. You are just not providing enough info to make any sense of what you are actually doing.



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              GSDproductions2 Level 1

                I'm sorry guys, I clearly didn't put enough thought into this issue. Like I said, black levels are a hallmark of somebody who doesn't know what they're doing.

                I'll calibrate and research further into formats. Thank you again for the help.