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    Opening recent project sees it totally empty !

    envirographics Level 1

      Premiere Pro CS3

      Just opened a project I had last worked on and completed in Feb 2010 and its totally empty, nothing in timeline, no assets, nothing !

      Hells Bells !

      I had finished it and created an avi then authored and burned a dvd from that. It displayed with cropping. Now having sussed that issue after trying out various options (solved by adding in black margins) I need to alter the images within the project to those with the margins, but everything is missing.


      Searched the entire PC for *.prproj and this project is the one I had worked on.


      Thats very worrying if Premiere can wipe out ones work like that. I see another posting also had the same trouble.

      I tried resetting work area to default, not that I had altered it from such anyway, but made no difference.


      Any ideas, else I have to do the entire project all over again.


      In future I shall save as filename_s1 then s2 then s3 as I go along !