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    Can't fill, can't move. Urg.

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      I've done ok so far without any classes by just searching online, but now I'm stuck. I've tried filling in Illustrator, but that won't work without live trace it seems (which messes up my lines). Besides I want to do shading with a pen tool which sounds like Photoshop would be better.


      So the question: how do I get my linework into Photoshop? Specifically, I did a trace of a pencil drawing and it looks good, but when I save and load it in PS, it's WAY too small causing jagged lines and poor resolution. I tried cut and paste from one to the other as well with the same results.


      I'm stuck.

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          iamgregor Level 1

          Also, I just found a guide that explains what to do, but he was using CS3 and it' snot working for me. I tried cutting and pasting, but it didn't keep vectored lines in PS like it did for his. Also, when he inked using the brush tool, he was able to redraw the line by drawing near  the one he just drew, but CS4 illustrator is not doing that for me. Does it still work that way and if so, how do I make it do that?

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            No doubt about it I know the problem here and issue and cure!


            You need a good book for one, Mordy Golding's, Real World Illustrator CS 4. Or CS 3


            you clearly do not know the basics, the other thing is to look at the video tutorials on Adobe TV.


            This is something we could probably tell but it would do you no good in the end.


            As for the pen tool thing if you double click the pen tool's icon in tool bar the tools options dialog will popup
            and you have options like edit selected paths etc. Lots of tools have options and it too numerous to list them

            So go for the book.


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              iamgregor Level 1

              Book learning is one way, but to be honest, "learn everything in a book and you'll eventually aquire the skills to do a simple file transfer" is kind of a poor response in my opinion. In fact, it sort of invalidates the whole idea of a web forum don't you think?


              I drew a comic and I want to transfer it from Illustrator to PS CS4. I've found several ways to do it and none of them work as in the guides or videos I've seen. Whether I transfer as an adobe file, copy and paste as a path/smart object, or export as PSD and load, ALL of them come in as a too-small set of lines such that when I zoom in about three levels, I can see individual pixels.


              There may be good guides for Photoshop everywhere, there are less for Illustrator, and seemingly almost none for Illustrator to Photoshop issues. If I'm wrong, I would love a link (kind of the point I posted here in the first place). Otherwise, I really could use the expertise of someone who knows the answer from experience.


              Thanks in advance!