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    Invalid Frame Size Error - Windows Media


      I'm getting this "Preset Error - Invalid Frame size!" whenever I try to render my comp using any of the Windows Media presets. I got this error two days ago using my custom Windows Media preset (which I always use). I tried everything I found to solve this problem with no success...


      I hope any of you can help me out with this.


      Thanks for reading!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Please provide your exact settings for comp size, pixel aspect, frame rate and output settings etc. or else this is going nowhere. Just saying that something doesn't work is not particularly useful. You could be messing up your PAR or have enabled cropping/ stretching in the output settings and then end up producing invalid sizes. Also provide a minimum information on your operating system and version of AE.



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            I've got same worning message and struggled to make it work.

            It seems "windows media" encorder only accept certen ratio for video output.


            I used following for resolution on composition setting

            1679 x 1049 --> gets error


            Now I changed it to following, then no error message.

            1680 x 1080 ---> works fine


            (Select composition then go to "Composition>Composition Settings", go to "Basic" tab, cahnge "Width" and "Height")


            Some addioanl info.