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    Flash Manual Painter Help


      Hi All, a Help on this will be really appreciated - need a
      logia something like to paint some Objects: simply put some MCs. When the Mcs (are out of the Box range) and neat its easy to colour.

      I dont see a place to attach files and I asking for help wronte to many forums no reply. I hope Adobe will answer to my question.


      Please see the Zip files attached: ManualPainter.zip


      Please see: paint_Non_Overlaping_MC_Works.fla

      When the Movie clips are overlapping or one placed above the other MC
      the objects are hard to paint. It Recognizes the Obeject as One, the Imported png converted to a MC.

      Please see: paint_Overlaping_MC_Not_Works.fla


      Is there a possibility to make this work, like to make the MC Highlight on Mouse over and distinguish the objects when Overlapping? That's to say to colour the MCs when overlapping? What initially came to my mind is when mouse over the MC's to highlight so that we can drop the colour on it something like that.....I need some AS2 Code support.

      In the Zip file contains all the as2 codes. Your Solution on this will be highly appreciated please.


      Thank you.