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    Classname hints for CSS files included via PHP


      So this PHP code hinting you get after setting up site-specific code hints is absolutely fabulous, and I've wanted something like this from Dreamweaver for ages, always jealusly looking at things like Eclipse and Zend with their PHP-auto-complete things.


      There's still one thing that frustrates me, though, and it's that I can't seem to get css classname autocompleting working unless the classes are written in the document I'm using directly, or included via a straight HTML include.  Once I have CSS files that are included using PHP processing or variable names, the classes aren't available in the autocomplete dropdowns.


      I've tried two ways to get around this:


      1. Setting up dynamic related files.  Since when you use this the PHP is actually resolved and the links are successfully made, I figured the classnames would also become available.  After all, the CSS file is right up there, successfully found as a related file.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.


      2. Setting up site-specific code hints.  This was great for PHP autocomplete, but doesn't seem to do anything for CSS.  I told it to look in my CSS folder, and alerted it to .css file extensions, but they don't seem to be read as a source for classname autocomplete.


      So... is there any way I can get this to work?  Or does the functionality simly not exist?  It seems odd to make such progress in CS5 to acknowledging that you will often want to reference things that are dynamically included, but not extend it to CSS.