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    Cant get print copies to work


      Hi totally new to scripting. Trying to automate a monthly video slick print job, on a deadline of course.


      Using CS4 and AS, OS 10.5.8


      Have managed to get page number and number of copies values out of Excel spreadsheet.


      Set page range works fine, but I cant get the set copies to work.


      Script has been pasted from scripting guide examples. I am going round in circles, any help appreciated.



      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS4"


      --Prints a page range from the active document.

      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS4"

      set myDocument to document 1


      tell myDocument

      --The page range can be either all pages or a page range string.

      --A page number entered in the page range must correspond to a

      --page name in the document (i.e., not the page index). If the page

      -- name is not found, InDesign will display an error message.

      tell print preferences of myDocument



      set copies to myCopyNo

      end try



      end tell


      set page range of print preferences to myPageNumber as string

      print myDocument using "zzzz" without print dialog --zzzzz is printerpreset



      end tell


      end tell


      end tell


      get myCopyNo ---Whats in myCopyNo