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    Unable to open pixel blender


      Ok, i know this been asked a few times before in this forum but none have a imo definitve answer to this.I hope someone could help me.Sometime It's quite frustating that i was unable to launch pixel bender unless i disable the card drivers to use the cpu.I would love to experiment pixel bender without the hassle of disabling/enabling/reinstalling the drivers lol.I have browse a few forums regarding this and some say it's an opengl thing.Some say it's the OS.I'm more inclined to believed it is an opengl thing.So what really giving the problem?Is it the gpu card compability? The OS? or Open gl?


      I'm using Asus Eah4870 ati radeon DK 1gb memory GPU card.Drivers is latest ver.8.703.OS is vista Home premium 32bit.I've also uninstalled catalyst cc.

      Is the card mention above supported?I've also noticed Ps cs4 and Ae cs4 is having problems (crashed, not responding, etc) when open gl is on.Is there a way to go around this?