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    ACR 6 very slow


      I'm using the 64bit install of  PS CS5 on a win 7 pc. (Quad core with 8gb of ram)


      ACR 6 is very slow in every aspect.  If I have multiple images open it is slow trying to move from one to another.  If I use the crop tool it it sow drawing the box and slow if I need to move the crop box.  Everything is slow and it is killing my work flow.


      It also dosen't matter if I'm working on 18Mb Canon 7d images or much smaller 8Mb Canon 1dmk2 images.

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          RASouthworth Level 3

          I'm on a similar system, i7 quad core 64bit 4gb ram.  I opened a dozen images in ACR, everything seems very snappy.  I have the Bridge and ACR caches set to a second hard drive, 20gb each, as well as the Photoshop scratch disk.  I'm working with D300 nefs, about 16mb each.  Don't know what else would slow you down, start up Task Manager and see if some other process is hogging cput time.  Go thru the ACR and Bridge prefs looking for something strange.


          Also the system is set to hyperthread, results in 8 cpus.


          Richard Southworth

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            mbaumser Level 1

            A couple corrections:  i meant to say 18Mpxl Canon 7d images (about 23 Mb) or much smaller 8Mpxl Canon 1dmk2 images (about 7.5 MB)


            I have an Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 @2.4Ghz, and win 7 home premium.


            My normal work flow involves opening between 30 and 50 images at a time.  I've had no issue doing just that with PS CS3 (ACR4) in either a 32bit XP or 64bit Win7 environment


            CPU seems fine in task manager


            Are there any settings in PS/Bridge/ACR that I should look at?

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              RASouthworth Level 3

              The aforementioned cache settings and percentage of memory allocated to Photoshop are the main ones.  However it sounds like you're fighting some sort of system problem, or at least something other than an ACR/Bridge/PS preferences issue.  Did you install CS5 as an upgrade, and is CS3 still present?  Also have you checked for  empty disk space, and do you have a second disk for cache?  I'm not sure more details will help lead to a solution, but can't hurt.  What all is running at the same time, including virus checkers?  Selectively turning off virus checkers and other startup programs may help you find the problem; however, if you're not used to pc trouble shooting you may want to get some expert help.


              Richard Southworth

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                mbaumser Level 1

                Thanks,  I've tried turning on and off stuff, rebooting, etc.  Cache setting are as you suggest.  With a single image ACr is fast and fine.  It's only when I have (many) multiple images open that it slows down


                I'll keep looking.  Thanks for the help



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                  Finn S Felberg

                  my acr are also slow. Before, i could scroll easily between images, with acr 6.0 its slow as sirup.

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                    mbaumser Level 1

                    In a misery loves company way, I'm glad I'm not the only one.


                    I've tried adjusting all my cache setting and turning off all my start-up software....nothing has helped.


                    My PC doesnot support Hyper threading which I was going to try next.


                    Let me know if you figure anything out.



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                      RASouthworth Level 3



                      Sorry you haven't had any luck.  No big ideas, but just in case it might help please relate to us your settings in Photoshop preferences - Performance and Bridge preferences - Advanced.  I understand your problem is not necessarily with Photoshop, but its settings are global and can affect Bridge.  In particular turn off (or on if it's already off) Enable OpenGL Drawing in the Photoshop prefs.


                      Also make sure the previious version of Bridge isn't set to fire off at Login, as well as the present version.  And hyperthread settings tend to make a marginal difference in performance if any, so don't worry that your system doesn't do such.


                      Keep looking,


                      Richard Southworth

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                        Finn S Felberg Level 1

                        sorry i cant figure it out, the thumbs on left side in camera raw 6.0 are superslow to work with, Im sitting on a mac pro dual core 1 gen. with 8 gig ram, 512 mb ati card, os 10.6.3, tried on off with GL Drawing, cache in various ways, different preview settings in bridge etc. perhaps we have to wait for an upgrade from adobe on this

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                          RASouthworth Level 3

                          I doubt you'll receive any upgrade from Adobe until/unless you can pin down the problem.  I just loaded 70 fresh raws from Bridge into ACR, very quick to go from image to image down the filmstrip.  So at least for a sample of one there is no general performance problem.


                          Perhaps you should call Adobe tech support, let them run you thru some tests.


                          Richard Southworth

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                            Thomas Knoll Level 2

                            If you are working on a large monitor, picking the "Monitor sized previews" preference in Bridge, and then rebuilding some previews in Bridge should help the switching between images in the filmstrip time.


                            You can also increase the size of the Camera Raw cache.

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                              Finn S Felberg Level 1

                              thank you, the thumbs in the strip are fast caching now, but the "sirup" scrolling is still there. perhaps I need os 10.5-10.6 clean install on my system from scratch, the disk are carbon copy cloned some months ago with a lot of old software, cs3, cs4 etc

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                                Yammer Level 4

                                I've noticed 6 is significantly slower. I'm guessing it's something to do with process 2010 - the main difference between it and v5. Try comparing performance with Process set to 2003.

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                                  mbaumser Level 1

                                  My monitors are (2) Dell 2209WA



                                  I've set Monitor sized previews and purged the bridge cache and the Camera raw cache this hasn't helped


                                  My bridge preferences are:

                                  keep 100% previews in cache (unchecked)

                                  Automatically Export Cache to Folders when Possible (unchecked)

                                  Cache location is set to a secondary internal drive (not the c: boot/program drive)

                                  cache size: 500,000



                                  software rendering (unchecked)

                                  monitor sized preview (checked)

                                  start bridge at logon (unchecked)



                                  My ACR preferances are:

                                  save image seetings in :sidecar ".xmp" file

                                  apply sharpening to: all files

                                  apply auto tone adjustment (unchecked)

                                  apply auto grayscale (checked)

                                  make defaults specfic to serial number (checked)

                                  make defaults specfic to camera ISO (checked)

                                  Max RAW Cache 200 GB

                                  RAW Cache Location is on C:

                                  DNG File Handling (both unchecked)


                                  JPEG and TIFF (both set to automatically open with settings)


                                  PS preferences

                                  available RAM 7204 MB

                                  Let PS use 4971 MB (69%)


                                  History & Cache

                                  History states 20

                                  cache levels 3

                                  cache Tile size 128k


                                  Scratch disks 4 (I've tried different order currently C: is the first an E-sata drive is second and two internal drives are 3 and 4)

                                  Enable OPENGL drawing  (unchecked)


                                  I have all Startup Scripts Unchecked  as well


                                  anything else I can tell just ask.


                                  when I try to move between images in ACR there is about a 1.5 second delay

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                                    mbaumser Level 1

                                    how/where  do I set to Process 2003.

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                                      Yammer Level 4

                                      > how/where  do I set to Process 2003.


                                      It's at the top of the camera calibration tab. Try select all and then change the setting to 2003, you should get a little sxclamation mark in the bottom right of the photo.


                                      I'm not saying it's the cause, just suggesting it an an experiment. I'll try it myself tomorrow.

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                                        RASouthworth Level 3

                                        Your process choice is not going to account for the delay you're seeing.  I have both my Bridge and ACR caches set to a second internal drive (other than system), and for each I have a specific directory created, i.e. CS5BridgeCache and CS5ACRCache.  I don't know that creating the directories will speed anything up, but at least they will keep your cache entries from being spread all over the root directory.


                                        Richard Southworth

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                                          mbaumser Level 1

                                          i didn't mention that but  yes, I also have them going to seperate folders

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                                            RASouthworth Level 3

                                            You listed your ACR cache as being on the system drive, like the others should be on second internal drive.  Is the slowness only on the first pass thru a group of raw images or every pass?  If it is slow everytime than you need to verify the cache is being built.


                                            Richard Southworth

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                                              mbaumser Level 1

                                              Process 2003 didn't seem to make much difference (maybe 1 second delay instead of 1.5 but it's all just approximate anyway)


                                              there might be some connection waiting for the Yellow yield sign with exclamation point to go away either in the main window in ACR or on the thumbnail in the film strip on the left.  That could just be a coincidence.

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                                                mbaumser Level 1

                                                Slowness is on every pass (a little faster on second pass.  for the record, I'm counting "one one thousand, two one thousand"  on the first pass and "one one thousand, two" on the second.  not the most scientific but it works)


                                                I moved the cache onto the non c: drive and purged the cache before I ran the last test. I checked the folder and the cached items are there

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                                                  Finn S Felberg Level 1

                                                  I wondering now about 64 bit vs 32 bit, the mac pro 1.1 2006 are not real 64 bit computer, the kernel and EFI are still 32 bit, mac pro 3.1 2008 and up are true 64 bit...perhaps photoshop cs5 need 64 bit kernel and EFI

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                                                    mbaumser Level 1

                                                    You've gone past my level of geek with "64 bit kernel and EFI"  but I'm on a PC not a MAC.

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                                                      Finn S Felberg Level 1

                                                      well, did a clean install 10.5-10.6+ upgrade 10.6.3 with new disk, download the cs5 and its the same "sirup" handling in the strip in camera raw..even with some old Nikon d1 files..i tried to replace the newer ati card 512 mb with the old original nvidia 256 card, same result, slow slow. I cant speak of the pc users, but 1 gen mac pro and camera raw 6.0 doesnt fit well together at least not mine.. Im giving up and use cs4, superfast handling with camera raw 5.7, scrolling, clicking, no delay- instant- everything is ok, even with huge d3x files

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                                                        mbaumser Level 1

                                                        I called Tech Support but they said they could not help me because I'm using the Trial Download.  (Box is on order from Amazon)

                                                        The can only help with install questions on the trial version. 

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                                                          RASouthworth Level 3

                                                          One last shot - what are your performance numbers for processor,memory, etc. after you run the Windows 7 "Performance Information and Tools" from Control Panel?  Do you have windows update set to update all Microsoft programs, not just W7, and have you applied all the updates?


                                                          Richard Southworth

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                                                            RASouthworth Level 3

                                                            Also check "Power Options" in Control Panel, select the high performance option, i.e. make sure in advanced options that the minimum processor speed is 100%.  I haven't heard of the processor throttling back during normal processing, but better to not take any chances.


                                                            Do all four processor cores show up in task manager?


                                                            Richard Southworth

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                                                              mbaumser Level 1

                                                              Processor 7.1

                                                              Memory ram 7.1

                                                              Graphics 6.5

                                                              gaming graphics 6.5

                                                              primamry hard disk 5.9



                                                              update set for all windows updates.  all updates have been installed

                                                              • 28. Re: ACR 6 very slow
                                                                mbaumser Level 1
                                                                ComponentDetailsSubscoreBase score
                                                                ProcessorIntel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz7.1
                                                                  Determined by lowest subscore
                                                                Memory (RAM)8.00 GB7.1
                                                                GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS6.5
                                                                Gaming graphics3839 MB Total available graphics memory6.5
                                                                Primary hard disk524GB Free (688GB Total)5.9
                                                                Windows 7 Home Premium

                                                                ManufacturerDell Inc.
                                                                ModelDell XPS720
                                                                Total amount of system memory8.00 GB RAM
                                                                System type64-bit operating system
                                                                Number of processor cores4
                                                                Total size of hard disk(s)5625 GB
                                                                Disk partition (C:)524 GB Free (688 GB Total)
                                                                Media drive (D:)CD/DVD
                                                                Disk partition (E:)158 GB Free (699 GB Total)
                                                                Disk partition (F:)123 GB Free (699 GB Total)
                                                                Disk partition (G:)233 GB Free (699 GB Total)
                                                                Disk partition (I:)680 GB Free (932 GB Total)
                                                                Disk partition (J:)55 GB Free (932 GB Total)
                                                                Disk partition (M:)176 GB Free (699 GB Total)
                                                                Disk partition (R:)150 GB Free (279 GB Total)
                                                                Display adapter typeNVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS
                                                                Total available graphics memory3839 MB
                                                                      Dedicated graphics memory256 MB
                                                                      Dedicated system memory0 MB
                                                                      Shared system memory3583 MB
                                                                Display adapter driver version8.17.11.9621
                                                                Secondary monitor resolution1680x1050
                                                                Primary monitor resolution1680x1050
                                                                DirectX versionDirectX 10
                                                                Network AdapterBroadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller
                                                                The gaming graphics score is based on the primary graphics adapter. If this system has linked or multiple graphics adapters, some software applications may see additional performance benefits.
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                                                                  mbaumser Level 1

                                                                  I've changed to "high performance"

                                                                  I can't find the "processor speed" setting


                                                                  yes all four processors show up in task manager

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                                                                    mbaumser Level 1

                                                                    I rebooted after making changes and still no better


                                                                    I know the yellow triangle with exclamation mark means it's rendering a higher quality image but is it supposed to do that if I switch from one image to another and than back again?

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                                                                      RASouthworth Level 3

                                                                      When selecting a power plan, click on "Change Plan Settings" and then on "Change Advanced...".  An outline structure allows you to chooe individual settings, including the minimum processor percentage.  Set it to 100% if not already there.


                                                                      Maybe we need a more precise description of what you're observing.  If I bring up several images (during this thread I've tried 80 and 70) into ACR and then click on individual images in the filmstrip, a yellow triangle always appears in the preview image, about 1/2 second.  However, the preview image itself shows immediately, albeit at reduced resolution, and then snaps to full resolution when the yellow triangle disappears.  I can click back and forth, the yellow triangle always appears.


                                                                      In Bridge I have the "options for thumbnail quality and preview generation" set to "Always high quality".  Thomas Knoll suggested changing this setting to 100% previews, which I assume would lessen the delay for loupe operations, etc.  You can set this for "Prefer Embedded" which makes the Bridge display faster, but shows the embedded jpeg in the raw file, generally different color settings than the ACR result.


                                                                      And I generally do this operation with Photoshop not loaded, just Bridge/ACR.  I doubt that this would affect the speed, but included just for reference.  And I believe Bridge/ACR are always running in 32 bit mode, so that we've penalized them slightly using Windows 7 64bit, but I'm in the same boat and haven't noticed a performance hit.


                                                                      Richard Southworth

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                                                                        mbaumser Level 1

                                                                        for whatever reason, "minimum processor percentage"  is not an option.  (maybe because of the processor type?)  The only processor option I have is "system cooling policy" set to "active"


                                                                        what I'm observing is this  if I load several image into ACR at once (really anything more than 2) what I initially see is the same as you describe.  The thumb nails in the strip each take a second or so to "develop" and the main image window takes a second to go from lower resolution to higher.


                                                                        the problem is if I click (or use the up/down arrow keys) to go from one image to the next, the next image is highlighted but there is a 1 to 2 second delay before it appears in the main window and then another second for it to resolve as high resolution.


                                                                        If I want to draw a crop box on the image in the main window and then adjust the placement or the angle of the crop box.  I draw the crop box as usual, I then need to wait 1 to 2 seconds before ACR will let me grab the corner of the crop box so that I can adjust it. When I let go of the corner it's another 1 to 2 seconds before I can adjust it a second time or pick another tool to make my next adjustment.



                                                                        with a single image open, everything is instantaneous (or at least quick enough that it's done doing whatever by the time I move my mouse to select the next tool or slider.


                                                                        My previous version (PS CS3 ACR 4) this was not the case.  There was no delay when moving between images or tools  (and I just confirmed this to make sure I wasn't imagining it)


                                                                        Do you think it matters that I still have CS3 installed?

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                                                                          RASouthworth Level 3

                                                                          CS3 being installed should not make any difference, as long as none of it is running, i.e. Bridge isn't loaded at login.


                                                                          Sure does sound like some sort of cache management issue.  I assume you have CS5 Bridge and ACR pointing at different cache locations than CS3?


                                                                          Go back and change the ACR and Bridge caches to 10gb and purge, perhaps having the ACR set to 200gb is slowing down the cache management,  Again grasping at straws, your system certainly appears capable of "snappy" operation, should not have the long delay clicking on different images in the film strip.  You have a large number of physical and logical drives, what type and how many channels on your disk drive adapter?


                                                                          Richard Southworth

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                                                                            mbaumser Level 1

                                                                            I changed cache size and purged...no change


                                                                            this is over my head "..what type and how many channels on your disk drive adapter?"


                                                                            I have 4 internal sata drives  and 2 external e-sata drives.  I'm not running any kind of RAID or anything like that

                                                                            • 35. Re: ACR 6 very slow
                                                                              RASouthworth Level 3

                                                                              Poorly worded question - apparently on some of the drives you have multiple partititions/logical drives.  Again grasping, may be time to "simplify".  Disconnect the external drives, bring it down to a single monitor, anything else easily disabled.


                                                                              I purged my ACR cache and of course noted some delay when first bringing in the raw files.  However, after one pass I could click from one image to another on the filmstrip and it would immediately change.  So I'm still suspicious of your cache operation.  What disk has your W7 virtual memory?  Adobe advises against using the same physical disk for OS virtual memory and Photoshop scratch, although I haven't seen any words pertaining to Bridge and ACR caches.


                                                                              If you haven't already move the ACR cache to a different physical drive.  We're no longer in analytical mode, just trying to get a clue.


                                                                              Richard Southworth

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                                                                                mbaumser Level 1

                                                                                Woo Hoo!!  we're getting somewhere.


                                                                                I disconnected the two E-sata drives and unplugged a couple of USB external drives

                                                                                I changed to  on monitor and just for completeness I turned off my USB printers and my scanner.


                                                                                I aslo changed my WIN 7 virtual memory.  It was set for Win 7 to choose paging size and it was at 8190 (or so)  but indiacted the maximum to be over 12,000  so I changed that to cutom  with inital at 8100 and maximum at 12000.  I also set my other internal drives for secondary virtual paging



                                                                                There is still a slight delay going between images in the flim strip but I now have no delay when switching tools or cropping as I was before.


                                                                                I'm going to start turning stuff back on one at a time.  I'll reboot after each and test and I'll let you know what happens.

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                                                                                  mbaumser Level 1

                                                                                  It's the dual monitor setup.


                                                                                  when I switched the second monitor on and changed the setup to "extend these displays"  the issue came right back.  I changed it back to "show desk top on 1 only" and it ran fine.


                                                                                  I have a NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS video card with two monitors hooked up to DVI-PC ports.  All my video card seetings are defaults


                                                                                  do you think I need to have dual video cards?

                                                                                  • 38. Re: ACR 6 very slow
                                                                                    RASouthworth Level 3

                                                                                    I don't think you need two video cards, and it would probably be problematic since (I believe) you have only one pci express slot for the video adapter.


                                                                                    I believe the problem is the 256mb dedicated memory; 512 or 1024 would probably do the trick.  You don't really need a high performance gaming video card for Photoshop work, but running two large monitors does require memory, and I believe your 256 is not enough, the video card is probably switching out display image data frequently, leading to your performance issues.  Again I'm guessing here, but it's easy enough (and cheap enough) to find out.


                                                                                    For example, Fry's has a BFG 9400GT 1024mb dual monitor card available for $35.  I generally pay attention to the cooling arrangement on the video card, prefer a large passive heat sink to a fan cooled version, although you might have trouble finding such, and if you do it will probably cost more.  Also pay attention to the connector arrangement, some have two DVI's, some a single dual link DVI for which you have to attach an adapter, some with HDMI again requiring an adapter.


                                                                                    Note that nvidia doesn't make graphic cards, just chipsets, so you can obtain equivalent performance over a large price range, difference being brand name and sometimes quality, although I haven't had much issue with the less expensive brands.  Go to frys.com, select nvidia graphic cards, and start your research.


                                                                                    Richard Southworth

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                                                                                      mbaumser Level 1

                                                                                      Thanks so much for all the help

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