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    Exporting a long animation to Quicktime is failing.


      have made an animation over 2 minutes long in Flash, it is pretty complex with many movieclips inside.


      When i try to export it in Quicktime, the progress bar goes to the end and then dosn't do anything. I have left it for over 3 hours and eventually it just says "flash has unexpectedly quit"


      I have tried exporting it in the smallest size and with the lowest quality possible and I still get the same results.


      The swf works fine. I have searched all over the web for a free software for Mac that will convert swf to a video file but can't find anything that will work.


      Can anyone tell me what is going wrong with Flash? Or if they know a way of converting an swf to video without losing much quality?


      I am using Flash CS3 on an iMac.