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    Client Variables Problem

      I'm not sure where to post this so I'll start here.

      We have two codlfusion servers, one is running coldfusion 5 and the other is running coldfusion MX version7.
      We are sharing a sql database between the server to store client variables so that when someone logs into one they are logged into the other. In the process of debugging a problem, I noticed a few weird things. On the MX server if I create a page to dump the client structure, there's no problem, however, on Coldfusion 5 when I run the code <cfdump var="#client#"> I get the error:

      Error resolving parameter CLIENT

      If I output the member id <cfoutput>#client.cfid#</cfouput> it shows the appropriate information, why doesn't it recognize the client structure in the cfdump?

      Moreover, I've created my own client variables like client.memberid . When I run #GetClientVariablesList()# it shows client.memberid as existing, but when I try to output its value with <cfoutput>#client.memberid #</cfouput> I get the error:

      Error resolving parameter CLIENT.MEMBERID

      Any idea why coldfusion 5 isn't reocgnizing the structure and the custom variables?