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    Premiere will not export Uncompressed or DV compressed video files

    rwfilion Level 1

      Working with CS4 with all current updates...


      I have no issue exporting any other format (that I know of) including flv and wmv and m2v.


      I am using PCs with Windows 7 Pro 64bit on a Desktop with  8GB RAM and Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit on a Laptop with 4GB RAM.   I've had nothing but problems with CS4 since I cleanly installed my  Desktop and purchased my Laptop.  Adobe Premiere will not export DV compressed with video, only audio,  and will not export uncompressed at all!  I have a system  with Vista Pro 64bit at work, and none of these problems are there.


      I have  uninstalled and reinstalled the whole suite (plus removed all  preferences files and went in to the user profile and manually removed  any traces) to no avail.  As I am experiencing this same issue across  two totally different systems, is it a known bug with Windows 7 64bit?   Is there any way to fix the issue?