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    Download Mgr fails to download CS5 upgrade but accepts payment

    Burt Pittman

      Apparently this is a known issue and Adobe is continuing to accept payment without delivering product.


      I just purchased my upgrade of CS5 via PayPal after reading Adobe's spill for all of the conveniences of ordering and downloading online. When I was given the link to download I click it, it opened the download manager and it showed status as "stopping". After spending significant time reading the troubleshooting section on downloading and multiple retries it will still not download. Looks like an entire day wasted, or maybe more.


      Listen Adobe. I don't like to be sold on download delivery and not being able to receive my product! This is the 21st century, no other company I have ever downloaded software from has down this to me. Maybe Steve Jobs is right. I don't like having Flash products rammed down my throat, and I expect instant delivery when I give you instant payment for the service!


      Very sincerely

      James Burt Pittman