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    Media Encoder freezes partially through HD encode

    CZorn Level 1


      I did all the pretests prior to taking on an HD project.  Everything passed.  The testing was based on a maximum 30 second clip.  It seems now that I have an HD project thats 9 minutes long, Media Encoder freezes and I have to reboot anywhere from half to near the end of the encode.  This happens with a wmv or mpg encode.

      I am on Vista with CS4.  I shot with the Sony XD EX1R and have edited native in Premier.  I reiterpret the footage to anamorphic and everything edits fine.  I go to encode, all the settings look good when I view it in output mode.  I start the encode, its fine and then it decides to freeze.  Was suppose to get a preview to the client on Friday.  I don't know what to do at this point.  I've tried varying the bitrates, etc.

      Any suggestions and do you need any additional information.

      Thanks in advance for your assistance, regards,