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    swizzling/write-masking bug

    SimonTindemans Level 1

      I believe I have encountered a pair of bugs in the PixelBender toolkit swizzling/write-masking code. The following evaluatePixel() code should produce an all-black image, but the red image plane is unaffected.


              pixel4 inPixel = sampleNearest(src,outCoord());
              dst = inPixel;
              int3 order;
              order = int3(0, 1, 2);
              order.xy = order.yx;    // incorrect result: order=(1,1,2)
                                      // order.xyz = order.xyz crashes the toolkit
              dst[order.x] = 0.0;
              dst[order.y] = 0.0;
              dst[order.z] = 0.0;


      The command order.xy = order.yx gives an incorrect result. Perhaps more worrying is that replacing the command with the identity order.xyz = order.xyz crashes the entire PixelBender IDE.


      I am running the PixelBender toolkit 1.5.1 in CPU mode on Windows XP SP3, on two different machines.


      Can others reproduce this?