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    PE 3.0.2 not saving volume levels



      I'm encountering a persistent audio problem when loading projects in Premiere Elements 3.0.2.  Whenever a saved project is reopened, the volume of every video clip in the timeline is set to minimum (-oo dB).  I can set the volume back by sliding the yellow line on the audio-wave, or by writing in the clip properties panel, and the project will then play perfectly, with sound.  But after saving and reloading the project, the sound is set back to -oo dB.  This is absolutely consistent and reproducible.


      Things I've tried so far: creating a new project with only one video clip; using video files from another (different) camera;  splitting clips into separate audio and video files and importing both into PE;  updating Windows sound drivers; using alternative ASIO sound drivers; a clean install of PE.  All source clips play perfectly in media player.


      Any help much appreciated.



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          tim7g Level 1

          Screenshots attached, and un-scaled versions available here: http://timgiles.free.fr/tmp/

          Between these two screenshots I have saved the project, and reloaded it.  Nothing else.



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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Welcome to the forum.


            I cannot recall having ever read of such behavior, and at one time, I had read every post in this forum. Maybe Steve, or another long-time user has some thoughts.


            I would recommend that you also post to the Muvipix site's "Community." There is a PrE 3 forum there, and a lot of folk, who have been on PrE for many versions. Someone there should know of this problem, or perhaps have ideas of where to begin checking for the cause.


            Good luck,



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I'm with Hunt. In the four years since version 3 was released, this is the first I've heard of this issue.


              On the other hand, I see that you're working with MOD files, which often pose unique challenges to Premiere Elements and other PC-based video editors.

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                tim7g Level 1

                When needs must, a text editor can save the day -- and this is such a case.  After hours of testing, searching the web, and head-scratching, I have found the problem by loading the project files into Notepad++ and searching for the volume properties.


                This is a French edition of PE, running on a French laptop, configured (as in many European countries) to use a comma instead of a point as a decimals separator.  PE uses the local preferences to store decimals in its project files, but also uses commas to store lists of values.  When re-loading the project, there is an unresolvable ambiguity and the values cannot be read correctly.  Changing the number preferences in the Windows Control Panel to the English-style decimal point avoids the problem.


                This bug must have affected users all across Europe, and wasn't fixed by the v3.0.2 patch.  So, Adobe, I'm afraid I'm rather unimpressed.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Amazing troubleshooting, Tim!

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Very interesting, and thank you for reporting.


                    I am surprised that we've not seen this issue before, as many subscribers here are in Europe, and use the language/conventions in those countries, plus the Adobe programs. In the PrPro forum, there are hundreds of Euro-users with many different languages, especially FR and Dutch.


                    I have seen issues with the colon vs semi-colon delineators, especially for Sub-titles in Encore, but never this issue.


                    Your work and the solution is greatly appreciated,



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                      tim7g Level 1

                      Sorry for the rather grumpy ending to my last post.


                      Although French is not my first language (the software belongs to my French wife), I do speak French tolerably well.  So I'm surprised that I was not able to find any previous references to this problem online, either in English or French.  Can anybody confirm whether more recent versions of Premiere suffer from this bug?

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        I wish that I could help, but with both PrE and PrPro, I have never seen mention of such. Your report was total news to me.


                        What I would do is post to the PrPro forum, and just mention "Premiere" and NOT PrElements (or you'll just get pointers back to this forum), and ask that question. I know a dozen folk, who are on other languages (OS, computer and program), and ask about the commas. If there is a known issue, those Euro-contributors will know. Now, this will NOT tell you specifically about PrE, but will give you a clue as to how Adobe handles this. I know that we have 2 Dutch, 2 Spanish and at least one French subscriber there, and all do work in full Euro-versions and PAL Projects.


                        Now, are you doing PAL Projects, or NTSC? Might be something there, regardless of the language of the program, OS and computer setup.


                        Good luck,




                        PS - I promise to not divulge that you are asking about PrE. If asked, just tell 'em CS3.