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    Global vars and movie scripts


      I'm having problems with movie scripts and global variables in a project. Most of the time the project works fine, but in some periods the projects get's weird. The problem is caused when I'm trying to call a handler from another handler (placed in another cast member). It results in problems like this:

      Script error: Handler not defined

      {the handler}

      #someProperty (that in fact does not exist at all)

      When debugging, I sometimes find that some of my global variables are missing, and are replaced by others, totally irrelevant variables like "dfefkldlf" and so on. Printing the variables in the message window and/or object inspector show the correct result at the same time.

      In some cases I have solved the problem by placing the problemhandler in the same cast member that calls it, but this is not possible anymore. In other cases, the problem disappears when debugging, without any change to the code!

      I would really appreciate all help!