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    Adobe v. Apple - Flash v. H.264 - what's the best format for web?

    NotEnoughHours Level 1

      So the iPad doesn't support flash.  I guess that means that if I upload my projects as flv's or f4v's and use a flash player then the apple obsessed people won't be able to watch my videos




      Personally, I don't really care if flash lives or dies.  I just want to be able to publish videos that anyone can watch in a player that anyone can use without having to download a plugin.  SO, what is the best format to use?


      To date, I've been shooting my footage in HD 1920x1080i, saving my PE projects as MPEG2 HD 1080i, and then converting to f4v's.  Now I'm wondering if I should be saving them using the H.264 preset instead and then presumably some lower quality settings for the web file?  And if so, what kind of end user player should I be looking for?


      Help anyone?