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    Odd illustrator CS4 error


      For the past few days I have been finishing up on a project.  Yesterday everything worked great.  Then I get up this morning and I get the following error when I try and open this project.  Does anyone know how to fix this? 




      Can't open the illustration.  The illustration contains an illegal or misplaced operator.



      Offending operator   '+'






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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

          The way to fix this is to use the recovery process which requires a hidden tool in Illustrator and manually deleting the offending operator or changing it to something valid.


          You migth do a search for recovering files to check out the procedure.


          There are other ways a swell, like placing the file in an empty ai document or placing it in Photoshop or try opening with Acrobat etc.

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            aadams1 Level 1

            I went through the recovery process and that didn't work.  Before I came to the forum, I tried opening it in PS and in acrobat but both of those cut off the edges and for some reason added clipping mask to all of the sublayers.  There should not be any at all.  All I am doing is recreating some fruit using a gradient mesh.  Is there anything else you might recommend?



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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

              Did you find the extra plus sign and delete it? Then resave with the ai extension?


              When you opened it in Photoshop did you try to increase the document dimensions to see if the information was there anyway?


              Did you try opening it in an earlier version of AI?


              What OS are you running?

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                aadams1 Level 1

                This is all that I found in the prefs panel:


                /aiFileFormat {

                /enableContentRecovery 1

                /enableATEReadRecovery 0

                /clipboardPSLevel 3

                /enableATEWriteRecovery 0

                /PDFCompatibility 1


                I did not find a + and that is confusing me even more so.
                I added the 1 to the recovery.  I have only opened it in CS4 running OSX.6.3.  The dimensions in PS increased the canvas but left the edges cut off.

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                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                  Once you enable recovery you have to open the file in a text editor and look for the offending operator and delete the plus or perhaps add the code that proceeded it. Then you save the text file as an .ai file.


                  Then see if you can open it. The offending operator is in the code that makes the file. BBEdit on the mac is a good way to do this because of its search features.