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    3D Pathfinding without a grid or nodes question and suggestions

      I am currently developing an RTS game and
      wish to incorporate pathfinding into the movable units.

      The problem is that all pathfinding algorithm resources
      require some sort of grid to work off in order to determine
      which nodes to traverse. Working in 3D does not allow the
      use of a "grid" and in any case using a grid would make
      my units move in "blocks" and not smoothly as is required
      for the game.

      My question is, can someone please lead me to a resource
      or algorithm that I may have missed that will allow for
      detection of obstacles (obviously using modelsUnderRay)
      and provide a method for getting around the obstacles on
      the map, remembering the fact that the user inputs the intended
      destination with a mouse click (which I have done) and NOT
      with the arrow keys.
      Any suggestions to achieving this will also be appreciated.

      I am working in 3D but I only use the x and y co-ordinates
      as the terrain of the maps are flat, and therefore z remains 0.