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    ItemRenderers in DataGrids

      Hi All,

      I have doubt regarding the usage of itemRenderers in DataGrids.I have used the below part of the code in my application.

      <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Button" width="38" dataField="col1" >
      <mx:Checkbox label="Add" height="19" styleName="check1" id="btn"/>

      1. In the above code,even I have given the styleName property for checkbox tag ,its not affecting the checkbox.But when I specify those properties seperately,it's affecting the checkbox.
      The styleName I have used is styleName = "check1" which I have mentioned in the centralised css file as


      fillColors :#37951D,#37951D;
      cornerRadius : 0 ;
      color: #ffffff ;
      disabledColor : #37951D ;
      textRollOverColor : #ffffff ;


      2.Also,if I try to give an id for <mx:CheckBox> tag, its showing an error like " id attribute is not allowed on the root tag of a component".Isn't possible to give id for itemrenderer components.

      3.How can I get/retrieve the values of perticular column in datagrid.Is there any command to retieve values of columns in datagrid. Here my problem is I have to check whether checkbox is checked or not to do some operations.

      Anyone help me out in solving these issues.