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    Orphans and broken links

    tom_griggs Level 1

      Hi there,

      When I run a check on my site, it lists items that were erased from my site long ago.  For example, my page once had a page of links which I since removed from my site and deleted from my computer.  When I run the site check, the links from the page (eg.  http://johndoe.com) show up as orphans.  This happens in other ways as well in which things deleted or replaced still appear.  Is that something I'm doing wrong in terms of removing things from DW?  Any issues with them still appearing?  When I delete them (through the checker) then run the check, they appear again.


      This is also true for broken links...it says links are broken on a page that no longer has the link it says is broken?

      I'm pretty new with this, any advice is appreciated.