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    panarama template help


      First off i would like to state that i am complete Flash Noob. So my appologies if my termanolgy or questions sound stupid. But hey..you gotta start somewhere.


      I have a particular video art project that i am just starting on. It will basically be very long panarama . right now i am looking at about a 20:1 ratio but that may change as the project prgoresses. I have freinds with the knowledge to edit my final project together but it was suggested to me to try flash for my rough concept set ups. I have some basic video editing knowledge. Enough to cut and resize my files but i need a way to quickly join them together and be able to swap out the files to try other combinations. This way when i am ready to complie the final project i won't be waisting peoples time.


      so..my question is..does anyone know where i can find a very simple template that would allow me to insert about 5 to 10 videos side by side with no fancy graphics, dividers, borders , etc. I only have access to Flash on our work computers and because the system it is set up on is not in my direct department. i don't really want to spend  all my evenings for weeks just learning flash only to find out that this is not the way i need to approach this project.


      All the templates i have come across on the net in my last hour and a half of seraches have been way too slick or more focused owards web design.


      Thanks a ton if anyone can answer or point me to the answer.