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    interleaving frames from multiple videos


      Hi, I am very new to this software, I am looking for a way to interleave multiple video's into one as well as change the frame rate I will try and give an example and hope that it is understood.


      Lets say I have 4 or 5 video's all of the same format and want to interleave by rotation, then let's name the video's A B C D E i.e. A vid frame 1 - B vid frame 1 C vid frame 1 D vid frame 1 E vid frame 1 so it looks like A1/B1/C1/D1/E1/A2/B2/C2/D2/E2/A3/B3/C3/D3/E3 etc etc until the video's are merged. Also this is only for the pics! I also need to change fps.


      I am laying it out this way but, if anyone thinks I need to use more specific terms to be better understood please let me know



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          To do as I think you wish, you will need to Export>Still from each Video Clip, and then Import those into a new Project/Sequence. You can set that up so that the Duration is 1 Frame for stills, and the FPS (Frame Rate) is whatever you wish.


          If you want a "stop-motion" effect, I personally feel that 3 Frames per still works well, but your choice will be your own.


          For a different FPS, you can do a Desktop Project/Sequence and customize the FPS rate.


          I did not notice what version of PrPro you are using, but in CS4, you can alter your Sequences, while in earlier versions, you need to do that at the Project level.


          Good luck, and if I missed your needs, please correct me.



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            stage-hand Level 1

            Thanks for the response Hunt! Yes I have cs4 And I think I understand what you are descibing, by exporting the video's as stills it will change my video's to pics and then interleave (merge) the clips in sequence, will it be a problem if my video's are say 10 mins each at say, 25fps which equals 15,000 frames per video of which I will add audio later, (I understand it may sound crazy but there is a method to my madness).


            I will have a little time this w/e to work on this so, once again thanks mate

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              shooternz Level 6

              Are you sure you dont want to tell us little more about what you are wanting to achieve.


              There may be an easier way.


              Only way I see it at the moment is absolutely labourious manual work.....frame by frame from multiple source file to sequence. 


              It is possible you may overload (overwhelm and crash) the project because it will treat each seq. frame as a clip so that means 15,000 x 4 = 60,000 clips that the project is managing!

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                rkbkbvrkbqfvvkjbqfvkbkqfj Level 2

                I had a problem like that a few years back. I seem to recall slowing down each video clip so that one frame lasts for 5, then layering the videos with a one frame offset and between each video layer a mask, repeated in the correct sequence... it worked, albeit a bit convoluted

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                  Good morning all,


                  I'm not sure how to set you all with the "5 points helpful", but you do deserve it, so thanks.


                  I as probably all of us belong to a bunch of forums, and I thought I'd throw an opinion from one of my other mates on this topic.




                  You can do both of those in Premiere.


                  To change the  speed you select the frames that you want to change, right click on  them, select Time Stretch from the drop down menu and set the speed to a  percentage of the original, higher or lower.  I will say that slowing  it down too much has an effect on how smoothly the video runs.


                  As  far as editing the video you can run multiple video tracks and combine  them any way you want, same with audio, and narration tracks.


                  I'm  using an old version Premiere Elements version 3 that I have had for  years and it works great on both my old Windows XP computer and my new  Widows 7 computer.


                  I'm sure a new version would probably work  even better, but it has been so trouble free that I have never bothered  to upgrade.  I think you can get a new version of Premiere Elements for  around $100.


                  I wouldn't go with the real thing unless you are a  professional video editor, elements will do anything you need to produce  a professional looking job.




                  Hi Flyzzzzzs handle is


                  I have never tried to see how far you can speed up  and slow down the frame rate.  I know that you can go up to 120 fps and  down to 10 with no problem.  That's 400% and 33% respectively.


                  Check  out this link for videos on how to use Premiere...


                  http://www.google.com/search?q=How+to+use+Premiere+videos.&hl=en&sa=X&rlz=1C1_____enUS352U S352&source=univ&;tbs=vid:1&tbo=u&ei=I-rWS7_dCYzANuPf0bMF&oi=video_result_group&ct=tit le&resnum=1&ved=0CBMQqwQwAA


                  As  far as my handle I started using that after creating a character for  the online game "Age of Conan".
                  I realized that Conan could be  arranged into "Nocan" so I added the "du" to the end and that was my  characters name.


                  Hope you have fun with Premiere, I use it mostly  to edit together animations that I create in other programs, add sound  music etc. and to edit video I record from satellite TV and make my own  movie DVDs with my lead in on the front.


                  Good luck


                  Mike  (his handle is nocando)


                  then I received this on


                  This going to be something of a fiddle.


                  Place the two clips one  above the other on a Premiere Pro CS4 timeline.


                  Apply the Strobe  effect to the top clip with the duration half of the period and the  strobe set to make the layer transparent.  This will cause the lower  layer to appear half the time interleaved with the top layer.


                  Now  the fiddling starts.


                  The period of the strobe is in seconds,  tenths and hundredths, which makes it very hard to split exactly on  every frame.


                  However, it should be possible to use File/Interpret  Footage to select a frame rate for both clips which is compatible with  tenths of seconds matched to the strobe frequency set in the effect so  that the swaps happen as you describe.


                  If you are lucky and  patient, you now have alternating frames on a timeline at the wrong  speed.


                  To simplify your next step, nest this timeline (sequence)  inside another sequence and use speed keyframes to get the speed changes  you want.


                  Be aware that seriously slowing footage is unlikely to  be very attractive visually.  Best results when using exact divisors or  multiplies (eg 1/2, 1.3, 2x, 3x etc) to avoid Premiere interpolating  frames.


                  Have fun !


                  I wondering if anyone can expand on this?